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24/7 Online Alarm Service

Phuc Binh is a professional company in the distribution and deployment of extra low voltage integrated systems such as security infrastructure, IT infrastructure and telecommunications, along with value-added services such as support free at the foot of the project, warranty service, maintenance services, troubleshooting and repair for many customers in Vietnam and abroad.
Established in 2008 as Phuc Binh Technology Center, with diversified products, experienced staffs, we are committed to meeting all our customers' needs about products and services. At the moment of development, we decided to establish Phuc Binh 24/7 as the first and only company to deploy "Security Systems Controlled by Control Centers and Rapid Response Teams."

Online anti-theft alarm system is a sensor system that can cause alarms when there is an unusual intrusion, the system includes:
- Magnetic sensor: mounted on windows, doors, monitoring, detect the opening
- Infrared sensor: mounted in the corner, intrusion detection based on the body temperature
- Safe sensor: includes door opening sensor and anti-vibration sensor to detect or remove the safe
- Emergency button: for banks, schools, supermarkets, when pressed, the alarm will be transmitted.
- Flashlight, alarm siren: attached to the main entrance, alarm the surrounding area and also affect the psychological intruder.

  • Equipment - Sensor system
- HoneyWell, Paradox
- Imported from abroad
- American Quality, Canada
- Variety categories
  • Infrastructure - Control Center
- Apply advanced technology
- Processing speed of 10,000 signals at the same time
- Phuc Binh 24/7 Center for maintenance and remote management
- There is a call recording facility
- Power is always stable with separate generator
  • Supervisor control center - Quick response staff
- Standing 24/7
- Employed rigorously
- Be trained
- Instruct experience, respond, handle situations
- reasonable working time
- Managed by senior standard supervisor
 To create a superior system - Safe and dedicated:
- A reliable, reliable, reliable anti-theft alarm system.
- Cost effective, economical.

 What are the benifits when customer get installing alarm equipment of PHUC BINH SECURITY?
  • The control center staff will find all contacts to the emergency contact list and handle the process rather than just send a message or dial a number like a conventional alarm system.
  • Fast response workers will come to the scene when problems occur to help the customer deal with the hazards.
  • Not sleepy, not tired, not affected by emotions like humans, always work EXACTLY.
SAVE is much more costly to manage than hiring and protecting people (cheaper system fees, no annual price increases)
RESTRICTIONS are in danger of internal theft.
  • If there are intruders and you are present at the scene: immediately identify the intruder to ensure the safety of yourself and the people present.
  • If guests are not present at the scene: will receive information immediately to reciprocate.
There is no nervous when you leave the alarm but if the system is not open, the control center will receive the signal and remind or send staff to the scene to set up for customer.

For more infomations , please contact as below:

Hotline: 1900 2898
Address: 1st Fl, My Dinh Plaza Tower , 138 Tran Binh Street, Nam Tu Liem District, Ha Noi

Thanks with Best regards!
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