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Đầu báo khói - báo nhiệt không dây - Photoelectric Smoke-Heat Detector with Built-in Wireless Transmitter 


  • Improved Robust RF Field Strength 
    The distance between the detector and receiver has been significantly increased without the need for a repeater
  • Smoothing Algorithms 
    Mathematical calculations in the detector’s software that minimize nuisance alarms by smoothing out short term spikes from dust and smoke
  • Smart Check 
    A signal is sent to the control panel when the detector requires cleaning. This allows a regular, non-emergency service call to clean the detector before it goes into alarm.
  • Drift Compensation 
    Virtually eliminates nuisance alarms from long-term dust build-up by automatically adjusting the detector’s sensitivity
  • Removable Detector Cover and Chamber Top 
    The technician is able to quickly and easily clean the detector chamber without disassembling the detector head
  • Approved UL Listings for Residential and Commercial Applications 
    Both residential and commercial installation requirements are met
  • Additional LED Status Indicators 
    Identifying between alarm or trouble conditions is a snap with green and red LED status indicators. A green LED denotes a normal condition while the red LED indicates abnormal conditions.
  • Easy-to-install Mounting Base 
    The sturdy mounting base allows the detector to be more easily installed on uneven surfaces (i.e. stucco). The mounting base has larger mounting ports, which accommodate drywall anchors for easy surface mounting.


  • Utilizes one long-life 3V lithium battery
  • Microcontroller runs on a 4.0 MHz clock
  • Horn operates at 3.3 KHz with sound pressure level of 85 dBA at 10 feet
  • Built-in wireless transmitter, temporal code 3 sounder
  • Maintenance signal fully complies with the sensitivity test requirement specified in NFPA 72, 7-2.2 and is approved by UL

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