Data storage for the media and entertainment industry


Data storage for the media and entertainment industry can be rather complex and challenging. Given that both these industries continue to face unprecedented challenges in the digital era, utilizing the cloud for data storage would make the most sense. The demand for high-quality content, the proliferation of formats and platforms, the need for scalability and agility, and the threat of cyberattacks are some of the factors that put pressure on the industry’s data management capabilities.

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The transition from tape to disc to fully digitized formats in the industry for one has definitely created a demand not only for better storage solutions but also for backup and recovery services that are capable to work at faster speeds. This meant that the media and entertainment industry would look to leverage the cloud to provide it with the data storage solutions needed.

To cope with these challenges, media and entertainment companies needed to also adopt backup and recovery solutions that can ensure the availability, integrity, and security of their data assets. These solutions should enable them to:

Protect their data from loss or corruption due to human error, hardware failure, natural disaster, or malicious attack. Data loss can have devastating consequences for the industry, such as reputational damage, legal liability, lost revenue, and missed deadlines.

Restore their data quickly and efficiently in case of a disaster or outage. Downtime can be costly for the industry, as it can disrupt production workflows, affect customer satisfaction, and compromise competitive advantage.

Leverage their data for business value by enabling data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. These technologies can help the industry gain insights, optimize operations, enhance creativity, and improve customer experience.

While adopting the cloud was not a big problem for most organizations in the media and entertainment industry, making the right choices on how to use the cloud was still a big challenge.

Interestingly, almost half (45%) of media and entertainment organizations reported using more than one public cloud provider. Data security requirements were one of the top reasons why these organizations were choosing a multi-cloud strategy, ranking a close second (44%) to different buying centers within the organization making their own purchase decisions (47%).

According to techwireasia

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