HUVIRON and BDCOM Cooperate to Promote networking and communication solution


As part of its efforts to promote business activities, on April 12th, 2024, HUVIRON VIETNAM (a member of PHUCBINH GROUP) announced cooperation with BDCOM Company through the Memorandum of Understanding signing ceremony held in Hanoi, Vietnam. 

HUVIRON - BDCOM kí kết hợp tác chiến lược
HUVIRON and BDCOM Cooperate to Promote networking and communication solution

Shanghai Baud Data Communication Co., Ltd (BDCOM), founded in 1994, is now one of China’s leading suppliers of networking and communication solutions. BDCOM invented all by itself the first X.25 NIC and the first commercialized router in China. Since then BDCOM has been in the vanguard of networking and communication technologies. Up to now, BDCOM’s switches, EPON products, routers and network security devices have been widely applied in many areas like the banking system, education system, government and even the defense system in China, which stimulate their leapfrog development in an era of information technology.

With the spirit of cooperation on the basis of mutual benefits, After a long time of negotiation on the development cooperation strategy, Huviron and BDCOM have agreed on the terms of the agreement to become each other’s strategic partners.

Accordingly, the two sides will coordinate to research, develop and distribute advanced network equipment, meeting the increasing requirements of projects from civil to industrial projects in Vietnam.

Ông Phùng Đức Việt - Tổng Giám đốc HUVIRON Việt Nam chia sẻ tại lễ ký kết
General Director Phung Duc Viet of HUVIRON emphasized at the conference

At the conference, General Director Phung Duc Viet of HUVIRON stated: “Becoming a partner of BDCOM, we commit to doing our best to bring the best achievements to both parties. The collaboration between HUVIRON and BDCOM aspires to open up a new chapter, provide networking and communication solution to promote digital transformation

HUVIRON also wishes to receive support from BDCOM in marketing, technical and warranty service.

Ms Joycelyn, the presence of a delegation from Shanghai Baud Data Communication Co., Ltd (BDCOM) emphasized, “The collaboration between our two entities holds the promise of mutual enhancement, enabling us to grow together and embrace new opportunities and accomplishments. In the near future, BDCOM also plans to open a representative office in Vietnam to accompanying partners.”

Hai bên chụp ảnh kỷ niệm tại văn phòng Phúc Bình
This event marks a step in promoting strategic cooperation between the two companies

This event marks a step in promoting strategic cooperation between the two companies. The two sides believe that the strategic cooperation agreement between HUVIRON and BDCOM will promote the relationship between the two sides, enhance the reputation of HUVIRON as well as BDCOM in the market, and create momentum for other contracts subsequent action between the two parties.

About Huviron Vietnam – A member of PHUCBINH GROUP

Huviron Vietnam Joint Stock Company is a unit specializing in providing technology services, solutions for integrating information technology and security systems in Vietnam.

After 12 years of construction and development, Huviron has constantly explored and created for itself new and innovative ways, promoting the right role of  enhancement life value for the community through modern and quality technology products and services. Huviron has been and will continue to meet the increasing demands of our customers.

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