Ceiling Mount PIR Motion Detector Honeywell 997

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Ceiling Mount PIR Motion Detector Honeywell 997

Ceiling Mount PIR Motion Detector. Includes lens masking labels PIR Pattern

The ASC Edge:

Automated SMD Construction on the Flex Lines

Ademco has been a pioneer in the use of Surface Mount Device (SMD) construction in the security industry. Starting with surface mount passive components like resistors and capacitors, then moving to integrated circuits like amplifiers, now even sophisticated microprocessors are surface mounted on ADEMCO’s Flexible Manufacturing Lines. All ADEMCO motion detectors, fabricated using automated SMD construction, provide you and your customers with major benefits:

1. Higher Reliability: Each component is located precisely by robotic cameras and each solder connection is carefully controlled by computer.

2. Fewer “out-of-the-box” problems: Because the components are automatically selected and placed properly on the PCB, there is virtually no opportunity for error in the fabrication process.

3. Improved RF Immunity: SMD components have no leads that could act as miniature antennas where absorbing even a minute amount of RF energy can lead to false alarms in high gain circuits such as PIR motion detectors.

  • 360º look down capability
  • 8′-12′ mounting height
  • Twist-off cover for easy removal
  • Locally & remotely controllable walk test LED
  • SMD technology
  • 6 year over-the-counter warranty