Đầu báo nhiệt Morley lite HML/RHSE
Đầu báo nhiệt Morley lite HML/RHSE

The HML/RHSE thermal detector

  • Brandshoneywell
  • OriginsIndia
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The HML/RHSE thermal detector forms part of the HML Series range of addressable detectors. This range of detectors has been produced using the latest in manufacturing and design techniques, pushing out the boundaries of existing detector technology.

These innovative fire detection, control and notification products help keep your people and property safe. Honeywell is one of the most trusted leaders in the fire and safety industry, and continues to innovate and improve their systems to meet the changing needs of businesses everywhere.

Honeywell’s global reach and multichannel distributor network provide a wide range of options for all your needs: Morley – Honeywell, System Sensor – Honeywell, Notifier – Honeywell.

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  • Combined with the latest in thermal element technology the detector provides efficient and accurate detection of fires, especially in environments such as bars or kitchens where smoke detectors are inappropriate due to the high level of airborne contamination.
  • Advance smoke detection algorithm that minimizes false alarms
  • Addressable feature
  • Bi-colour LED detector status indicator
  • Advanced maintenance features via remote hand-held test unit’
  • Range of detector bases available
Operating Voltage Range18VDC (min) – 30VDC (max)
Maximum Alarm Current80mA (24VDC)
Operating Temperature Range-30°C ~ +70°C
Humidity5 – 95°/o RH
Diameter102 mm
ColourPantone Warm Grey 1C
Height48 mm
Weight105g (plus 60g for B401 base)
MaterialBayblend FR110