A firewall is a network security mechanism used to monitor and control network traffic passing through it. Firewalls can be deployed in many different locations on the network such as on a computer, router, special server…

Firewalls can be used to protect a network from attacks from outside, such as attacks from the Internet, or to prevent attacks from within the network, such as attacks from the Internet or infected computers.

PHUCBINH GROUP provides many firewall services:

  • Types of Personal firewalls: Microsoft Internet connection firewall, Symantec personal firewall, Cisco Security Agent and many other types of firewalls.
  • Network Firewall is designed to protect hosts in the network from outside attacks

Advantages of PHUCBINH GROUP

Support to develop equipment plan and installation location.
We provide a wide range of products to meet project requirements: Cisco, Seagate, Kaspersky, Ruijie, H3C, Prolink, McAfee, Extreme…
We has been recognized as the leading reputable integrated solutions provider in Vietnam: ICT , ELv, M&E, security infrastructure, service...
Over 200 highly specialized, experienced & dedicated employees.
Warranty with excellent after-sales service
Optimize costs

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