Fire protection system


PHUCBINH GROUP supplies genuine fire alarm detection: Morley by Honeywell, System sensor by Honeywell…

Smart home

nhà thông minh - icon

A smart home means your home has a smart home system that connects with your appliances to automate specific tasks and is typically remotely controlled.

Hot water heating system

Hệ thống sưởi ấm bằng nước nóng - icon

A hot water heating system recirculates heated water through a system of pipes to radiators or air handler units, which then release the heat to the surrounding air.

Central water filtration system

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PHUCBINH GROUP provides Central water filtration system – a new solution that allows you to experience the benefits of filtered water throughout your whole buiding with no maintenance or filters to replace.

Water supply & drainage system

Hệ thống cấp thoát nước

PHUCBINH GROUP provides effective water supply and drainage solutions. A water supply and drainage system is a system that provides users with the type, volume and quality of water to meet different needs.

Alarm system

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PHUCBINH GROUP provides alarm system, helping to detect and warn early about illegal intruders to ensure the safety of people and property.

Cloud service

Máy chủ và server lưu trữ

A cloud server is a compute server that has been virtualized, making its resources accessible to users remotely over a network.


Tường lửa

Firewalls can be deployed in many different locations on the network such as on a computer, router, special server…

Information security

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PHUCBINH GROUP provides information security services to help businesses manage comprehensive risks, identify problems and promptly fix them, identify data vulnerabilities, risks of data leaks…