Industrial air conditioner

Industrial air conditioning systems not only help manage the temperature insidebuilding, ensure cool air, regulate the temperature, but also play a role in supporting the fire fighting system (ventilation, smoke removal and rise control).

PHUCBINH GROUP provides industrial air conditioner:

– Commercial distribution of air conditioning products according to project requirements

– Design consultancy and construction implementation as required

– Maintenance of air conditioning system

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Advantages of PHUCBINH GROUP

Support to develop equipment plan and installation location
We provide a wide range of products to meet project requirements
We has been recognized as the leading reputable integrated solutions: ICT, ELV, security infrastructure...
Over 200 highly specialized, experienced & dedicated employees
Warranty with excellent after-sales service
Optimize costs

We highly recommend our security service to the following customers

Factory, Industrial zone

Building, office

Shopping mall


Hotel, resort

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