BioStation 3 terminal

  • SKUBioStation 3
  • Brandssuprema
  • OriginsKorea
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  • Status:Available Stock

BioStation 3 sets a new standard in access control – delivering a completely new door access experience, enabling improved security across all doors, for organizations of all sizes tissue. The BioStation 3 terminal is smaller than the previous generation, but has the most features.

BioStation 3 offers many credential options. Choose from the most convenient authentication methods – all contactless and fully compatible with the post-pandemic world: speedface, card, fingerprint, QR…

BioStation 3 is easy to set up and scale in any environment, from small offices to large corporate buildings. The device is 47% smaller than Suprema’s previous best-selling facial recognition terminal – FaceStation F2.

BioStation 3’s slim, compact design is compatible with all types of doors. It is also suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments thanks to IP65 and IK06.

BioStation 3’s NPU-optimized AI algorithm provides the highest standards in facial recognition accuracy and speed.

Use dynamic face templates to increase compatibility even when you wear masks, glasses, hats, beards, different hairstyles, etc.

Access control made easy with BioStation 3: Use VoIP Intercom and RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol) based video surveillance to manage visitor access anytime and anywhere. VoIP Intercom enables seamless communication with all doors and real-time video surveillance enhances security, ensuring that all access points are always under control.