Paradox 525DM Microwave & PIR Motion Detector

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The 525DM (Formerly 525D) is a microwave and infrared digital motion detector featuring anti-masking detection. It features both a microwave sensor and a passive infrared sensor, and includes Paradox’s powerful signal processing algorithms for triggering an anti-masking alarm when certain conditions occur.

PHUCBINH GROUP distributes genuine Paradox products.

  • Digital microwave/infrared detection
  • Dynamic proximity feature allows for the detection of close proximity movements (less than 0.75m / 2.5ft) within the detector range
  • Installer Test Mode: test microwave and infrared detection individually
  • Two auto pulse settings; one for typical environment (normal), and one for high false alarm rejection (high)
  • 12m (40ft) X 12m (40ft); 90° viewing angle
  • Adjustable microwave range