Sensormatic A1140-D

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  • BrandsSensormatic
  • OriginsUSA
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Sensormatic Solutions is a global leader in enabling smart and connected shopper engagement with over 55 years of experience serving customers from boutiques to global retail enterprises. Our solutions deliver real-time visibility and predictive, prescriptive analytics, helping retailers confidently move toward seamless unified commerce and enhanced customer experience.

  • Dimensions: Height: 137.1cm (4.5ft) x Width :35.8mm (14in) x Pedestal Thickness : 26mm (1in) Magnetic Gate Thickness :8.6cm (3.4in).
  • Weight: 9.16kg (20.2lbs)
  • The reception distance of 2 ports is from 1.4m-1.8m
  • Support port adjustment by genuine software Sensormatic
  • Frequency: 58 Mhz
  • The distance to catch the stamp is from  1.4-1.8m.
  • Support port adjustment by genuine Sensormatic software.
  • Material: ABS.