Security infrastructure

Alarm system

PHUCBINH GROUP provides alarm system, helping to detect and warn early about illegal intruders to ensure the safety of people and property.

Monitor emergency door exit

PHUCBINH GROUP provides system solutions available for emergency exit doors and access control.

Camera system

The security camera system helps prevent theft and access image data to clearly verify the incident (when abnormal events occur).

Metal detector gate, Xray scanner

To help keep safe, airports/ seaport/factory/store... may use different kinds of screening equipment (Xray scanner) and security magnetic gate...

Time attendance & access control system

PHUCBINH GROUP provides customers with a superior solution for the Time attendance & access control system in the stage of security planning, equipment selection, material supply...

Parking Management System

Parking management system is an integration of hardware and software. It consists of access control and security features like CCTV for surveillance, automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) and RFID.

video doorbell systems

Ombining a motion-activated camera with a microphone, speaker, and doorbell, a video doorbell sends alerts to your phone to show you who’s calling without you having to open the door or even be at home. A smart doorbell keeps you in touch with what’s happening on your doorstep.

Beam – Border monitoring system

The fence is the first line of defense, but it is also very vulnerable to intrusion if it is not protected 24/7. PHUCBINH GROUP supplies and installs a fence management system, combining infrared sensors and surveillance cameras.