Phucbinh247 online alarm service

Phucbinh247 is a new security solution helps customer to maximize effective of online alarm sytem. It is a service that uses alarm sensors to warn intruders from outside the target when the target is unoccupied at night or on holidays.

Advantages of Phucbinh247 service:

– 24/7 mornitoring: Control center operates 24 hours.

– The monthly rental fee is a fixed fee that includes equipment maintenance costs.

– Customer data security

Dịch vụ báo động trực tuyến Phucbinh247

Advantages of PHUCBINH GROUP

Support to develop equipment plan and installation location
We provide a wide range of products to meet project requirements.
We has been recognized as the leading reputable integrated solutions provider in Vietnam: ICT (Information & Communications Technologies), ELV (extra low voltage), M&E, security infrastructure, service...
Over 200 highly specialized, experienced & dedicated employees
Warranty with excellent after-sales service
Optimize costs

We highly recommend our security service to the following customers

Factory, Industrial zone

Building, shopping mall

Retail stores

Restaurante, cafe, cinema

Hotel, resort, villa...


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